In Greece and Cyprus there are many talented writers whose work is as compelling as any. 
This literary treasure is ‘buried’ in the tiny Grecophone market because it hasn’t been translated. 

We have felt for some time that it's a shame for the language barrier to block these works from having a chance at becoming international sellers, bestsellers or even box-office hits. So we decided to do something about it. To repeat in print what's in the video, our object is to take Greek writings to global audiences via the good services of English-speaking literary agents and publishers. 

Why go Greek? In a word: Exoticness!

As stated in the homepage video, Greek writers have lots to say and in unique ways. Greek mythology, the rise of the humanities and socio-political concepts, expansion and conquest, the Crusaders and the Great Schism, Byzantium and the Ottomans, the War of Independence and unification, the Balkan Wars, The Asia Minor Catastrophe, WW2 and the Civil War, Western sway and from the Junta to the present socioeconomic crisis, Greek writers draw on Greece’s long and tumultuous history, its unique topography (mountains and islands) and its Balkan, Near Eastern and Western cultural influences. 
Similarly, Greek-Cypriot writers draw on their island’s incredibly rich heritage, from its ancient past to the anomaly of its present division.   

This amounts to a literary treasure-trove containing elements of the novel. In fiction and nonfiction, adventure, romance, children’s stories, plays and especially in historical narratives, the exotic is pervasive; unknown, original and fascinating for Anglo-Saxon and other non-Greek readers.   

To use ReWriteGreece.

   1. Click on the LIST OF SYNOPSES (bottom of the menu on the left)
   2. Read the ‘teasers’ and click on those that interest you.
   3. To know more, Contact Us and we’ll put you in touch with the writer.

It's that simple...

At this point, we wish to point out that we are primarily literary translators. Our main function is to remove the language barrier. At the same time, we are subagents to writers who ask us.
As administrators of ReWriteGreece, our intention is to introduce you to Greek writers. Once we put you in touch, it’s up to the two of you.*

To end, in keeping with our analogy of the output of Greek writers as buried treasure, we hope you use ReWriteGreece as a map to it. Happily, as you browse the LIST OF SYNOPSES, some will spark your interest. If not this time, perhaps the next; the list is updated with new submissions so please do revisit.

Welcome to ReWriteGreece

Nick & Debbie

*Our recommendation to writers of lengthy works is to have a covering letter, a summary of their book and at least 
its first few thousand words in English